Front end Engineering Design Services For Halewah Gas Plant


Client MIS (Maritime Industrial Services) provides a broad range of products and services to
the oil, gas and energy sector. MIS was established in Dubai, UAE in 1979.
Customer Hunt Oil is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.
Further, the areas of activity of the different Hunt companies include energy, real
estate, investments, ranching and infrastructure.
Location Block 5, Republic of Yemen
Duration 4 months
  • Design Basis – Halewah Gas Plant
  • PFD’s & P&IDs
  • Process Sizing Calculations
  • Equipment layout
  • Piping GA
  • BOM -Piping, E&I & Structural
  • Datasheets- Equipments & Motors
  • Piping Specialty List
  • Manual valve summary
  • RFQs – Packages
  • Instrument Index
  • Electrical Equipment List
  • Electrical Load List
Pig Receiver
Production Separator #1200
Gas Dehydration System
TEG Regeneration System
Regeneration Gas Dehydration System
Molecular Sieve Gas Dehydration System
Mercury Removal Unit
Hot Oil System
Flare System
Drain System
Hot Oil Drain System
Glycol Drain System
Mol. Sieve Gas Regeneration System
Cryogenic System (De-Ethanizer)
Debutanizer System
Injection Gas Compressor System
Fuel Gas System
Instrument Air System

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